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I asked for their best blue cheese...and was introduced Roquefort to the sheeps milk blue cheese from the south of france. Delicious! I come here for all my antipasti needs. They have a small goods section with lovely prosciuttos and other cured meats, as well as a diverse range of dips, pastes (quince, plum) , bread and crackers. Definitely worth a try if you share my passion for all things dairy and cheese focused 🙂

Katie R

This is the place to go for all your specialty cheeses, from SA, Australia and around the world. There are so many choices that each time I go I get something different. Last time I brought a vintage extra tasty cheddar which melted in my mouth it was so smooth. Perfect on a cracker with a glass of wine and a few grapes.

Michelle J

Such a good little shop! The store is located amongst all the foodie places in Marion and offers a really good selection of the best looking gourmet products. On show are a range of cold and cured meats and of course a massive range of different cheeses.

Sarah B

After tucking in to the delicious dairy delights on offer at The Cheesemonger you'll be flashing a big cheesey grin. Set between stores in the middle of the walkway at the very western end of Westfield Shopping centre, The Cheesemonger is 360 degrees of beautiful bree, charactered camembert, and elegant edam.

Mema S

This is the goto place for cheese & decent quality small goods in this area. It's a very small place in the middle of a busy shopping centre unfortunately dwarfed by an evil 'Woolworths' banner (see pic). But don't let that fool you. They have very friendly & helpful staff!

Leo G

Great place to shop! Love the store highly recommended.

Joseline Clinton

Great selection of cheese for people looking for more than just the cheese at coles or aldi

Cat Manue

The cheesemonger is great for artisan cheese. David has done a great job to source all these fantastic products.

James Xin Lee

Amazing place. It offers so much more than expected. Great staff

Super Kiwi

Cheesemonger Ideas

Ham & Cheese Croissant

A delicious favourite for all Australians originating from Austria but classically French. Learn with Lucy how to make a croissant The Cheesemonger way. With fresh local leg ham and a selection of delicious melting cheeses sliced thin and piled high; after a few minutes in the oven The Cheesemonger croissant is unbeatable!


With a large selection of cheese and smallgoods sourced both locally and internationally. Come visit us and become a Cheesemonger.